Washington Registered Agent LLC Reviews: Better Business Bureau

Whether you’re starting a new business, opening up a storefront, or looking for some peace of mind for your current business, you might want to consider registering with Washington’s Registered Agent service.

Sure, they’ve got the low prices and the quick turnaround time that are more common among District of Columbia registered agent services. But what really makes them stand out is that they’ll do their darnedest to help you understand how it all works in this state — and answer any questions that may arise during the process.

Get Washington Registered Agent Service

It used to be that if you started a new business, you’d have to register it with the state. And that meant having your business contacts go through the State Department of Revenue to get incorporation information. It was a lot of work for you and your employees, especially if they weren’t familiar with the whole thing.

But thanks to Washington’s Registered Agent service, you can register directly with them instead of going through the State Department of Revenue. Furthermore, they’ll handle all of the paperwork for you so that all you have to do is pay up and keep your name on file.

What do Washington Registered Agents Do?

Washington’s Registered Agent service is basically a company that helps you run your business remotely. And it’s important to note that “remotely” means from anywhere in the country or the world. You don’t have to actually be in Washington if you use one of their registered agents.

Essentially, they’ll forward your mail — and your business contacts — to you, wherever you happen to be. So, if your business is based out of Olympia and you’re located in Des Moines, then they’ll forward everything to Des Moines and not bother Olympia at all.

Avoiding Perjury

Part of what makes Washington’s Registered Agent service so valuable is that they’ll help you avoid any legal problems. And one of those potential legal problems is perjury.

Essentially, when you register a business in Washington State, you’re also swearing that the information given to the Department of Revenue is true and correct — and it better be, because if it isn’t and you get caught, then it’s perjury and you could be facing jail time.

But Washington’s Registered Agent service will make sure your information is accurate and truthful at all times. They’ll even ensure that your Secretary of State documents are accurate before sending them out. After all, none of us want to end up in jail unnecessarily.

How To Be Your Own Washington Registered Agent

If you’re already in the business of registered agents, then you know that Washington’s Registered Agent service is a great idea. But if you’ve registered your business with your own address and haven’t even thought about what happens if someone needs to contact you, then it’s time for a change.

And Washington’s Registered Agent service can help make it happen — they’ll simplify everything and make sure all of your business contacts get to you in one piece and on time. Just go online and fill out their contact form to get started — and like we said: there are never any contracts or long-term commitments when it comes to this awesome company.

How Do I Change My Washington Registered Agent?

One of the great things about Washington’s Registered Agent service is that it’s so flexible. If you need to change your registered agent for whatever reason — may be merging with another business or opening another office in a different state — all you have to do is fill out their contact form.

And they’ll take care of everything else, including getting your new business address on file with the State Department of Revenue. It’s nice knowing that you can call on them for anything, including changing your registered agent if you need to.

Northwest Registered Agent Review

The Northwest Registered Agent Company has been providing a superior level of service to clients since 1985. Unlike our competitors that do not offer a full range of services, we provide full service as well as limited service registration agents. In addition, we have been featured in the Washington State Business News as the premier Residential and Commercial property management company for property owners, landlords, and property managers.

Pros of Northwest Registered Agent:

  • Service is tailored to the client’s needs.
  • One-stop shopping for all of your registration needs
  • Professional and courteous service in a timely manner.
  • Fiduciary responsibility is paramount in all decision-making by NWRA when dealing with corporations, individuals, partnerships, LLCs, trusts & estates.
  • Northwest Registered Agent Company is recognized by the Washington Secretary of State as the premier provider of Registered Agent services to companies throughout Washington State.
  • NWRA has over 30 years of experience serving clients with the most challenging accounting and legal matters involving corporations & LLCs.
  • NWRA provides services at our location in Seattle, Washington, or at your office.
  • NWRA specializes in the following areas: S Corp, C Corp, LLC, Sole Proprietorship & Partnership formation, Estates & Trusts.
  • NWRA also offers limited service on some of the listed above, including Corporate Tax Returns, Corporation Franchise Tax Returns (FTE), LLC/LLP Franchise Tax Returns (FTE), Stock Transfer Taxes (FTE), Estate Tax Returns (FTE) & Trusts & Estates (FTE).

Cons of Northwest Registered Agent:

  • Only one office in Seattle, WA.
  • Limited service is provided in the above-listed areas.
  • The cost of services may vary due to the variety of needs required.

Northwest Registered Agent Services

The service offers the following types of pricing along with various features, which may vary depending ideally upon the client’s needs.

1. Limited Service

If you are offering services to your customers, employees, or clients that require limited service, then limited service is ideal for you. Due to the nature of limited service, the client has to keep their own separate books in addition to maintaining corporate records in order to be in compliance with the state & federal laws.

2.Full Service

If you plan to outsource your recordkeeping and bookkeeping need at a competitive cost, then full service is best for you. In addition, full service works with the client’s regular bookkeeping service provider in order to create a seamless transition of their records. The client can also utilize all of the advanced features provided by NWRA, such as online accounting software and the online QuickBooks interface.

3. Expert Service

This level of service provides a highly competitive price in addition to a high level of expertise in your range of services. The Expert Service also incurs a premium in terms of time required for setup and setting up your company.

4. Profile Service

If you are planning to start a new business or if you are about to file your state tax return or IRS Form 1040 series, then our expert service is ideal for you. We will set up your new company, and we will file your state and federal tax returns with no hidden charge and no contract needed.

DIY Free Account ($0 + State Fees)

When setting up your account, you can make payment online by paying via bank transfer or credit card. Alternatively, there is the option of paying through cash or check. This service does not include US federal tax filing services.

Who should purchase Northwest’s DIY Account?

This service is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, sole proprietorships/partnerships, and LLCs.

LLC Filing ($225 + State Fee):

If you are an LLC owner in need of filing, check your state to see if this service is available to you. If it is, then this service is ideal for you. You will not have to pay any federal taxes, but you will have to file state tax documents.

VIP Service (Monthly Fee Depending on LLC Location)

VIP Service includes the following:

  • $250 per year for full service, expert service, or expert service with fees waiver.
  • E-mail Planning/Scheduling/Cancellation Phone Support – this is the only way to get in touch with one of our account planners. Many clients are hesitant about talking to an actual human being directly, but here at NWRA, you don’t have to be afraid of phone support. Our customer support is friendly, professional, and very helpful.

What is the Northwest Order Process Like?

The Northwest Order Process is very simple and intuitive. The client can order a service without even leaving their home or office. If you want us to help you locate your account documents, we will send all the documents in a digital PDF format.

We will also provide an electronic trial of our service with no obligation to agree to any fees or terms. Once the client has been satisfied with the trial, they can purchase a subscription plan which includes a minimum of one year plus 12 months of free premium registered agent service!

Do They Offer Publication Service?

Yes, Northwest will offer publication service at no charge to you to help your customers locate your company online. This publication service can only be purchased if you’re having us run your business listings. This means that if you are planning on hiring us to create your Web site, then this service is not available to you.

Does Northwest Help With Ongoing Compliance Requirements?

NWRA offers an ongoing compliance and accounting solution that is ideal for individuals and small to medium-sized businesses. This solution can be tailored to fit your needs with no additional cost. All US federal and state business tax filings are included with this service at no extra charge.

What Is Their Refund Policy?

NWRA offers a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our services, you can send the unused portion of your subscription back to us within 60 days for a full refund. To ensure that all your information is returned to us, NWRA will mail all documents via first-class mail.

Does Northwest Offer Business Loans?

NWRA helps individuals and small businesses become more financially stable through financing services. The following loans are available for certified business owners:

  1. Small Business Loan – $10,000-$100,000 – The loan amount will depend on the type of business type indicated by your LLC or corporation.
  2. Commercial Real Estate Loan – $500,000-$1M
  3. Small Business SBA Loan – $10,000-$100,000
  4. Home Equity Loans – $50,000-$250,000

What Are the Various Payment Options?

NWRA offers a number of different payment options to its clients. The two most popular payment options are Net 30 and Net 60. In addition to these two standard options, NWRA also offers a number of other competitively priced options, including Paypal.

Does Northwest Registered Agent Offer Any Discounts?

NWRA offers a number of different discount programs to their clients. The two most popular discount programs are the Discount Coupon and the Referral Reward Program.

In addition to these two popular options, NWRA also offers a number of other competitively priced programs, including the Client Designed Service program. These three programs are designed to help ensure that your company can meet its financial obligations in a timely manner while also ensuring that you get the best possible price for our services.

Is Northwest Registered Agent Legit?

Yes! Northwest Registered Agent is completely transparent about who they are and what their services entail. You can find out more information about their company by contacting them directly or by viewing their website.

If you take the time to research their prices, you will see that they offer competitive rates for all of their services while also offering an easy-to-use online account management service.

How Does Northwest Registered Agent Compare to Other LLC Providers?

NWRA offers a number of different competitive prices for their services when compared to other LLC providers. In fact, when it comes to prices, NWRA is one of the most affordable LLC providers on the market today.

In addition to low prices, NWRA also offers a simplified ordering process that ensures that all your company documents will be filed in a timely manner while also ensuring that you get all the services you require from the LLC services provider.

Northwest Customer Reviews

NWRA has a wide array of positive customer reviews on TrustLink. In fact, the company has a 9 out of 10-star rating that allows you to see exactly what current and previous customers have to say about our services. If you take the time to read these reviews, you will see that a number of NWRA clients recommend Northwest Registered Agent Services.

Should I Reserve My LLC Name Before Registering an LLC With Northwest?

NWRA recommends that you do not reserve your LLC name before registering an LLC with them. The reason for this is that a lot of new business owners fail to remember that the name they have reserved with a third-party LLC service provider may not be available once they register their company online.

In addition, if you reserve your name from a third-party service provider and decide to use Northwest as your registered agent, there will be no issues as long as you don’t mind paying a fee to change the name of your company on file at the state level.

Can I Start an LLC Without Physically Being in the United States?

Yes. You can open your company in the United States even if you are not physically living in the United States. If you are physically located outside of the United States, then you can also select a national registered agent service representative that is located outside of the United States to serve as your representative.

There are a number of different ways that you can do this, but you will need to contact the state government office of your choice for more information on this subject before making any major decisions.

Does Northwest Help With New York Publication Requirements?

Yes. Northwest Registered Agent offers both New York state and New York city publication services to all of its clients. If you decide to use the company for this purpose, NWRA will file all of the appropriate documents in a timely manner while also ensuring that your company name is not prematurely exposed to any third parties that you do not want to be exposed to your company before it has been officially registered.

What Is the Northwest Customer Support Phone Number and Email?

NWRA offers a wide array of customer support options. The company offers 24/7 live chat, email, and telephone support through their customer service department. If you are looking for the quickest response time, then you should opt for live chat support. If you are looking to have all of your questions answered in writing, then email is the best option for you.

I’ve Heard LegalZoom Has a Lot of Upsells. Does Northwest?

While NWRA and LegalZoom both offer a number of different services to their clients, the two companies do not sell or share any personal or financial information with any third parties. If you choose to use LegalZoom for your company’s incorporation, LLC formation services, business formation, and other legal needs, then you will get one seamless package that covers all of your company’s needs.

How Quickly Does Northwest Registered Agent LLC Formations Last?

Northwest Registered Agent offers fast, reliable, and professional LLC formation service. The company has one of the fastest processing times in the business. If you order online, then your LLC will typically be formed within two business days.

If you choose to use their standard service options or speak with a Northwest representative on the phone instead, then your LLC will typically be formed within three business days after receiving a completed application packet from a client.

Other Than LLC Formation, What Else Can Northwest Registered Agent Do?

Northwest Registered Agent is a full-service LLC provider that also offers almost every other type of service that you could possibly need for an LLC. These services include:

  • Online Account Management
  • Online Bookkeeping
  • Online Payroll Services
  • Online Banking Services
  • Online Tax Services

Is It Worth the Money to Get an EIN via Northwest?

There is no question that it is worth the money to get an EIN through Northwest Registered Agent. If you are looking for an easy way to obtain an EIN, then there are a number of EIN services that you can choose from, but most of them are far more expensive than NWRA’s service.

Northwest Registered Agent offers EINs within 24 hours of receipt of your application packet. In the unlikely event that there are any delays, you will be contacted by either email or telephone as soon as possible to explain the issue and give you an updated EIN estimate.

Can I Form an LLC on My Own?

The answer is yes. There are a number of different ways to form an LLC, but the most common way is to go online and search for “LLC formation.” You can also go directly to your state’s website and follow their instructions on how to form an LLC on your own.

To form an LLC in Washington State, you must file Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State. There are two ways to do so.

  1. Step 1. Choose a name: You have two options for choosing a name – you can either choose a name that is available in Washington, or you can choose a name that is not available. A good rule of thumb for choosing an available name is to look at the current list of business entities operating in your state and check out the “Names Availability Status” for your chosen LLC abbreviation. If the name you want happens to be unavailable, then you will need to use one of your alternate choices for an LLC name.
  2. Step 2. Select the type of LLC: Partnership – A partnership is the simplest form of business. Your business does not have to file annual reports or pay taxes, so you save money on both of these costs. If your business has multiple partners, then all partners are required to execute an Operating Agreement or Partnership Declaration. The Operating Agreement details the responsibilities of each partner and how profits will be distributed amongst each partner.
  3. Step 3. Apply for Articles of Organization: You can file your LLC formation documents electronically through the state website, or you can go directly to a Secretary of State branch office near you. If filing electronically, then select “Limited Liability Company” as your entity type and complete all other fields on the electronic form. If filing through a Secretary of State branch office, then follow these steps: Complete all entries in the Articles of Organization form – Choose a registered agent from a list of available individuals or companies – When you have selected your Registered Agent, you will be given a fee amount. The good news is that if you go through an electronic filing service, then the fee for filing Articles of Organization is $67. If you file through a Secretary of State branch office, then the fee for Articles of Organization will be $110.
  4. Step 4. Pay your fees: After you have completed the registration process, then pay your fees. There are three different types of fees that you can pay for.
  5. Step 5. Sign and file your Articles of Organization: After completing your registration process and paying your fees, you must sign and file your Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State. Be sure to check that all information on the form is correct before you sign it. You can then mail or personally deliver this form to the Secretary of State’s office with the appropriate fee. After filing, you will be mailed a copy of your filed Articles of Organization.
  6. Step 6. Approve or Deny your LLC formation application: The Secretary of State will not deny your LLC formation until you have sent in all the proper filings. Once these are received, then your state will send you a notice that your LLC formation application has been processed. At this point, you can then use your new EIN to start making payments for business expenses or filing annual information returns with the IRS.

What is a Process Agent?

A Process Agent is a person or company that processes documents on behalf of businesses or individuals. They usually require a fee for their services, but many states like Washington will provide this service for free when you register your LLC. The required documents that must be processed by a Process Agent in Washington include:

  • Background check
  • Business license
  • Business tax registration certificate
  • Business tax returns
  • Certificate of Existence

You should get a Process Agent when you have one of the following situations:

  1. Your business is completely based in the state of Washington. This can be determined by checking to see if your business will have any out-of-state customers or vendors.
  2. There are multiple owners of your business. You will need to get a Process Agent if there are more than 5 members on your LLC’s governing documents.
  3. You are unable to submit your documents personally to the state of Washington.
  4. Your business is growing rapidly, and you need someone to file documents on a regular basis.

How can I choose The Best Registered Agent?

1. First, you need to understand what a registered agent does.

2. The purpose of a registered agent is to act as the representative of your business.

3. The main services they perform are:

  •   Accepting incoming legal documents  
  • Keeping documents confidential  
  • Sending out legal notices  
  • Sending out tax notices  
  • Receiving any money paid for taxes

4. You can check the reviews of each Registered Agent before you choose one

5. Using a registered agent will cost you money. You have to pay the fees for each document every time you have to submit them to the state or federal government.

What happens if I do not use Registered Agent?

If you decide to set up (register) an LLC in Washington State without using the services of a Registered Agent, then you will be responsible for filing all necessary documents with the state yourself. This can become very time-consuming and very expensive.

If you want to avoid this hassle, you will need to use a Registered Agent. There are other advantages to using a Registered Agent. These include the following:

  • Eliminating the risk of lost documents
  • Providing meticulous file maintenance
  • Ensuring public access to your legal documents
  • Helping other LLCs by sending out your legal notices
  • Receiving all state tax notices

What is Background Check?

Background check is the research that a business bureau does on you before they start working for you. The purpose of a background check is to find out if anyone has filed any claims against you in the past.

What is Business License?

A business license is required for any business that operates in the state of Washington. This includes sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and limited liability companies. They are issued by the state to give you the approval to run your business. The basic types of business licenses are:

  • Professional Office
  • Retailers
  • Residential Care Homes
  • Residential Homestead
  • Landscapers
  • Commercial Moving Companies

The cost of a business license varies according to what type of license you need. It ranges from around $20 to well over $500.

What is a Business Tax Registration Certificate?

This document is required for an LLC that does business in the state of Washington. This document is issued by the Washington State Tax Department. This will allow them to issue tax receipts to your out-of-state vendors and customers, as well as state tax liability forms.

Another document that your LLC will need is the Washington State Business Tax Return. This document will be required if you are required to file any business tax returns with the state or federal government. Returns are usually filed with the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration or with the Internal Revenue Service.


Starting your LLC in Washington may be a long process. That’s why Northwest Registered Agent was created, to help aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners take the first step. We can handle your filings, and we can also help you take care of other things you’ll need to do. So stop delaying and start enjoying the benefits of being an LLC owner.

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